«We have built the team of talented and energetic people to work with green architecture.».



PLANTA corporate group is a full-service landscaper – from the idea up to result. We create landscapes (in cooperation with our clients), design, implement, and, if required, take care of our creations. Our company is one of the oldest on the Russian landscape market and one of the biggest. In this case, size matters. All over the world, multiple specialized companies are involved in landscape design: some of them design, other – build, other – set plants, other – handle them. However, on the Russian – still very young – landscape market it is much more convenient, for a client in the first place, to delegate the whole process to one reliable company. We go through all work stages and not only release the client from problems, inevitable in work with multiple contractors, but also can confidently give long-term guaranty for everything we do.


We are not afraid to say that we do everything related to landscape architecture: we design objects for different purposes, of any size and complexity, we build, plant, and maintain existing units. In two decades, we have accumulated extensive experience in landscape design and construction, as well as maintenance of existing units in private and public territories, with areas from 0.5 up to 400 hectares, in Russia and abroad. Among other things, we specialize in creating control systems for landscape improvement process in vast territories with long-term project deadlines. We know the details in technology and logistics of landscape design that often neglected by construction companies. According to our (and worldwide) experience, the earlier landscaper is involved in the process of complex units design – the easier it appears to save assets efficiently, work faster and avoid errors and corrections.


We use wealthy global and personal experience in landscape architecture, rest upon tradition and follow modern trends. We are extremely style sensitive, which helps us create landscapes in various styles – from classic to hi-tech. Depending on a task, we use modern and traditional technologies and materials and combine them. We do not offer “typical” decisions. Our architects’ ideas and projects are always individual and born in communication with a client. Attentive to clients’ tastes and wishes, we never impose our viewpoint and try to find a key to dialogue and mutual understanding.