designs concepts and elaborate rough and detailed designs. Consists of talented and experienced architects, MARKHI (Moscow Institute of Architecture) alumni.

If required, we recruit famous Western landscape architects from fellow companies:

- Kim Wilkie, one of the key English landscape architects. We have worked together in projects “The Apothecaries Garden” and residential complex “Italian Quarter”. 
- Michel Desvignes Paysagiste from French landscape company. Michel acted as a consultant at landscape design concept in the territory of Skolkovo Innovation Center.


takes complex care (on a turn-key basis) for gardens created by our company and others, executes single works, and consults on any questions related to gardening and treatment of plants. Our specialists choose maintenance system individually for each site taking into account its specific environment and plants condition.


elaborate watering, drainage, and lighting systems. In cooperation with Project Group, engineers design ponds, pavements, and coatings, architectural accessories, and other landscape elements.


brings projects to life, which means – contracts for all kinds of landscape works. The group consists of various specialists: masons, woodworkers, water specialists, electricians. They are assisted by qualified and trustworthy teams, with many of them we work regularly on numerous sites.


prepares planting layout for projects, chooses optimal mix of plants, orders plants in Russian and foreign nursery gardens, and sets them according to the detailed project and agronomical rules.

Our company deals directly with biggest European nursery gardens, such as Lorberg, Lappen, Bruns Pflanzen (Germany), Innocenti & Mangoni Piante, Chiti Piante, Vivai Sandro Bruschi, Zelari Piante (Italy). Besides, PLANTA develops its own garden in Adler district of Sochi, where it grows plants for current projects.


is responsible for transportation and delivery of plants, materials, equipment, and workers to sites. Believe us, on high planting season, it is quite a challenging task!