Our company has accumulated tremendous experience in maintenance of gardens from several ares to hundreds hectares. After many years of work, PLANTA has won dozens of loyal clients for whom we had designed garden projects, brought them to life, and now have been maintaining for years. We also undertake to supervise gardens created by other companies.

We perform the full range of seasonal works: supply with fertilizers, growth stimulators, repellents, and remedies, select and purchase necessary materials, machinery and equipment, prepare gardens for winter.

Complex of garden maintenance works includes:

  1. Trees and bushes maintenance, i.e. fertilizing, protection from disease and blast (including timber beetle), sanitary and forming cutting, application of growth regulators, winter covering.
  2. Lawn maintenance, i.e. fertilizing, cutting, protection from disease and blast, weeding, aeration, sanding, if required - recovering.
  3. Maintenance of flowerbeds containing annual and perennial plants, i.e. fertilizing, weeding, plowing, cutting deflorate blossoms, dividing, replanting, protection from blast and disease, winter covering.
  4. Maintenance of fruit trees and bushes, i.e. fertilizing, protection from blast and disease, sanitary and forming cutting, application of growth regulators.
  5. Consultation of phytopathologist, i.e. disease and blast diagnostics, finding measures of protection and cure, selection of chemicals.

Besides, we arrange complex maintenance of winter gardens, including the creation of additional lighting for plants, perform crown pruning and sanitary cutting, remove dead or dangerous trees of all size and difficulty.

All our specialists have higher education degrees in agronomy, biology, and plants protection; working staff is skilled and experienced. PLANTA maintenance technologies have emerged not only from theoretical and scientific sources but been accumulated through our personal practical experience.

We cooperate with developers and manufacturers of products that we use in our work. This eliminates any possibility of purchasing low-quality goods (alas, they appear on the Russian market rather frequently). We have tested our fertilizers, chemicals, materials, machinery, and tools in work.

Maintenance cost is calculated individually for every site and reflects multiple details, from the location of watering taps to phytosanitary circumstances in immediate surroundings of a site. Due to this reason, we do not offer a standard price list. Prior to works, we always go and see the place and communicate with a customer. Usually, annual garden maintenance run anywhere between 5 and 15% of its cost.

Garden maintenance is usually arranged as follows:

  1. You contact our specialist in any way convenient, describe your garden (location, area, plants), and express your wish regarding work schedule and volume.
  2. Our specialist visits the site, examines the garden, evaluates its characteristics, and discusses the details of work ahead. To estimate the maintenance cost, we will need the plants layout and its legend, i.e. the plan according to which these plants have been set. If these documents are missing, we could make the inventory. Specialists charge for their visits as follows: 3 000 rubles per visit (if you conclude a maintenance contract, this cost will be deducted from the total amount), 100 rubles per are (minimum 3 000 rubles) for inventory.
  3. Based on the information collected during the visit, the specialists elaborate optimal maintenance pattern for your garden, as well as the necessary quantity of fertilizers, chemicals, and materials.
  4. PLANTA offers for your consideration preliminary estimates for maintenance during the season – from 15.April to 31.October (or another date if you have contacted us later). Estimates include a detailed list of works and materials required plants maintenance with quantities and costs. To the estimates, we attach a checklist, i.e. structures description of maintenance technologies for various plants.
  5. The estimates could be corrected according to your request. When everything is settled, we sign a contract, you make an advance payment, and the works start.
  6. We allocate permanent staff to your garden; moreover, our agronomist and phytopathologist control the quality of works and diagnose disease and blast on a regular basis.

If during the season you will decide to change or add something in your garden, for instance, to plant more trees or create a new flowerbed, we will recommend how to do it properly and offer our service.

Approximate prices:

Work Unit Price, rub Notes
Visit of agronomist 1 visit 3000 Evaluation of workload and maintenance cost (upon conclusion of a contract is deducted from the estimated cost)
Consultation of phytopathologist 1 visit from 3000 Diagnostics of plants diseases and blast, selection of protective measures and chemicals
Plants inventory 1 are 100 Minimum 3 000 rubles
Complex garden maintenance including lawns, flowerbeds, trees and bushes, fruit garden 1 month from 15000 Elaborated after a visit to a site. Includes works and materials.
  • Complex maintenance "on a turn-key basis"
  • Cutting trees and bushes (sanitary and forming)
  • Trees removal and grubbing
  • Consultations on any agronomical issues
  • Diagnostics of plants diseases and blast
  • Supply of fertilizers and protective chemicals
  • Maintenance of engineering systems (watering, drainage, lighting)